The Diversified Educational Foundation and The Manub Kalyan Foundation are proud to announce that students from the foundations are doing extremely well; some of whom have received awards and honors from their schools. To bring these students to light of their peers and to encourage other students to do similarly, an awards ceremony at the foundation was held in March 2016 to acknowledge their hard work, determination and also to present these students with special gifts to show the admiration the directors have for them. It is vital that the kids find motivation to succeed in school and these students are great role models for the other students at the foundation.

The first student spotlight goes to Ariful Islam – Ariful has already won numerous awards throughout primary and secondary school, and was highlighted last year for winning multiple awards at the B.L School for Extempore Speech. This year Ariful won 1,000 TK in two different competitions for Computer Science and Computer Programming (2,000 TK total). During the meeting of directors, Ariful was acknowledged for his great achievements.

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Ariful Islam accepting his gift

In addition, Ariful Islam (grade 10), Md Polash (grade 9), Md Masud (grade 9), Md Hamidul (grade 9), Md Robiul (grade 6) have also been recognized for being exemplary students in their respective grades. These students have all achieved grades of A+ and have also been recognized and awarded gifts by DEF.

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Award Ceremony