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Change a Life Through Education

Students who are supported by DEF come from families whom often cannot support themselves. With your support, these children whom have been deemed inadequate by society can blossom beyond their wildest dreams. Any penny you can donate will go along way in the development of these children.

This organizations sole purpose is to provide excellent education, shelter, food and security for groups of orphans and poor in Bangladesh so that they can break the recurrent cycle of poverty and illiteracy.

For a donation of $525, you can support a child’s education, food, boarding, medical and clothing needs for a full year. This is LESS than 2 dollars a day! Give the gift which is a forever returning charity and help these children beat recurrent poverty. Any donation goes a long way

If you cannot donate money, please look at the items the children have requested.
When asked about their Wish List, this is what the students came up with:
  • Clothes – shirts, pants, shorts (ages 7-15)
  • Notebooks for writing
  • Backpacks
  • Shoes For School/Sports
  • Bedding/ Bed materials
  • English learning materials (textbooks and software)
  • Various books (English and Bangla) for library of all levels
  • Outdoor Sports Equipment Such as Badminton, Volley Ball, Soccer Ball (Football), Cricket Bat.
We appreciate all donations.