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Students at D.E.F enjoying a meal together
Students at D.E.F enjoying a meal together.
Another meal time for students at D.E.F
Meal time for students at D.E.F
One of the student's relative paying a visit
Students learn how to use a computer
Students at D.E.F. (The number has increased since).
Photo opt time for students at D.E.F
In a classroom inside the D.E.F Facility
Students in front of prestigious BL Gov. High School Sirajganj
Children on an educational field trip to Mahasthan Gar
Group photo time during a trip to Mahastan Gar
Excursion time for students at Mahastan Gar(Archaeological site of Bangladesh).
Group photo in front of an ancient archaeological site, Mahastan Gar.
Time to come back from the trip, need a head count.
Meet the Cook of D.E.F
One of the students' bedroom
Tutor time for the students.
Inside the D.E.F recidential area
All the current students of D.E.F
Group photo in front of the D.E.F facility
On the bank of River Jamuna
Another trip for the D.E.F Students.
All the students in front of the Gov. BL High School, Sirajganj
Distinguished students of D.E.F in BL School Uniform
In front of a classrom building of BL School
Distinguished students of BL School from the D.E.F

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